We are a creative experience alliance born out of a need to revolutionize the global events industry and the way live experiences are designed, delivered, measured, and valued.

A collaboration between creative communications group DRPG and experience design company Maritz Global Events, we are an industry powerhouse creating scalable solutions that go way beyond the live experience brief, transcending conceptual and geographical boundaries.

We know our clients and their stakeholders need to justify budgets but need something different that ambitiously pushes boundaries. By challenging the ways in which our industry has always done things, we lead the way in consistently designing and delivering greater and more valuable results, helping our clients intelligently evolve their own thinking from a return on investment (ROI), to a return on experience (ROE).

Together we elevate experience outcomes that reach far beyond the experience itself. Our strategic thinking unlocks new levels of audience engagement through the purposeful application of strategic communications, disruptive creativity, multi-channel content creation, technological innovations, and world class logistical operations.

We dig deep to leverage behavioral science that’s built upon valuable research and insight to create dynamic, innovative, sustainable solutions that resonate with your audiences in an unexpected way. We know the louder an experience’s echo, the more impact it will have on your audience’s thinking and behaviors, reverberating well into the future and helping you measurably deliver on your organizational objectives.

Together we offer more than experience and it’s our promise to the clients we work with, to have greater positive impact on both their audience experiences and their organization’s results, ultimately helping them accomplish the unexpected, and more than they have ever been able to achieve before.


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Our contact details:

Email: enquire@morethanexperience.com
Europe & UK (DRPG) Tel: +44 207 937 8057
USA (Maritz Global Events) Tel: +1 636 827 1000

More information about the brands that form the alliance

For over 40 years, DRPG has been delivering everything from video, events and digital right through to research, strategy and creative communications. Our specialist teams work together to deliver multi-channel campaigns entirely in-house for an industry wide range of clients and brands, for both external and internal audiences worldwide.

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Maritz Global Events is an experience design company that does events around the globe…really, really well. As a leader in the industry, it is focused on applying behavioral science and data-driven insights to design and deliver exceptional guest experiences through trade shows, associations, corporate meetings, incentives and live events. Maritz Global Events is like no other.

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